Monday, June 24, 2013

Yes, I Said NATALIE Krigstein

As I prepare to list a hayfamzone comic for auction on ebay I look it up on the Grand Comic Database to see what relevant details I can dig up. Last week I was readying a 1951 issue of DC Comics' Girls' Love Stories and was startled to see the name "Natalie Krigstein" with a writer's credit. It's not that common of a surname, I said to myself, and I wondered if she might just be related to the great artist Bernard Krigstein. Yes! was the answer I found with the slightest bit more of research.

Natalie was the wife of Bernard and she wrote romance comics, first for Joe Simon and Jack Kirby and then for DC and Atlas. The lady's writing career screeched to a halt in the early 1950s but it seems additionally that she posed as the model for one or more characters in Mr. Krigstein's so-classic Master Race story for EC Comics. The above portrait of Mrs. Krigstein was drawn by her husband, and you can read a little more about the lady over here.


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