Sunday, November 16, 2014

Hellfire Comics and Wrestling

Last week I saw a flier announcing some wrestling matches and, curiously, the tickets were being sold at a comic book store located a number of miles away from the site of the matches. Twenty-two miles away! Isn't that interesting?

By the way, I picked up the flier at Blondies's Diner, which I've written about before.

Monday, November 03, 2014

Jack Kirby and The Forever People

Jack Kirby is my favorite creator in the history of comics and The Forever People #1 is my favorite comic book of all time. Of course I've written about those facts before!

Look, though, at what I picked up on ebay recently. It's the cover to Forever People #1 hand-painted onto clear acetate like an animation cel and at the size of the original artwork. I like it very much!

Sunday, November 02, 2014

My Wolverine Garden Clippers

I bought a great new (ratcheting!) pair of garden clippers and they make me think of Wolverine for some reason. I do tend to have comics-related visions (and maybe you even remember what I told you a pineapple side-by-side with a cantaloupe reminded me of a few years back).

There might be some who would say the clippers more closely resemble a laughing toucan with an exoskeleton (especially if they caught a glimpse of the below photo), but I'm sticking with the Wolverine angle.

Saturday, November 01, 2014

Jack Kirby's Orion as a Lego

Jack Kirby's Orion is breaking out of the Fourth World and into the Lego Universe?

"Dog of War" indeed. Jack Kirby strikes again!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Batman Stamps

Yesterday I went to the post office and asked about a fruit and vegetable stamp design that I saw posted on the wall. The lady said she didn't have that one but she had just received the Batman stamps. Whoa! That's right in my bailiwick, ma'am!

The sheet of stamps features four different drawings. The top Batman is a recent Jim Lee figure, while the second row is a Neal Adams beauty from the 1970s that I've always liked. The third drawing by Dick Sprang (whom my son and I had the pleasure of meeting a couple of decades ago, as you can read in "Related Postscript Number Three" over here) is, to me, misidentified as "Silver Age Batman;" I would classify that figure instead as "Late Golden Age Batman" and reserve the Silver Age designation for a Carmine Infantino interpretation that is sadly not represented in this set. Rounding out the stamp collection is Bob Kane's "Early Golden Age Batman."

I very much like the inclusion of the Bat Signal stickers and it leads me to wonder whether this release marks the first time that a sheet of stamps includes non-postage stickers in this way. Anyway, hooray for Batman stamps!

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Frank Miller in Wired

Would you have known the photo above was of Frank Miller if you weren't told it was him? I think I would not have.

I purchased the September 2014 issue of Wired because I wanted to read the cover story about Edward Snowden; it was an unexpected bonus to find an interview with Mr. Miller a few pages later. You can read the piece for yourself over here (and you'll notice the byline of Sean Howe, author of Marvel Comics: The Untold Story).

Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Jack Kirby and Ben Oda in a Police Line-Up

Does everybody except me already know this? Thanks to Alex Jay (designer of the logo to American Flagg!) on his blog for pointing out that the Marvin Stein 1953 cover to Justice Traps the Guilty #56 stars Jack Kirby on the far right and Ben Oda on the far left. Joe Simon and Mort Meskin are in there also, and I don't want to cross paths with any of these chaps in a dark alley!

Ben Oda, Joe Simon, Joe Genalo, Mort Meskin and Jack Kirby