Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Alex Toth's Newspaper Strip

The 1965 film How to Murder Your Wife starred Jack Lemmon as fictitious cartoonist Stanley Ford who concocted nefarious ways to perform the title deed.

In the two weeks prior to the theatrical release of the film, a comic strip titled Steve Bentley, Secret Agent credited to "Stanley Ford" was published in The Hollywood Reporter and in some newspapers. There were twelve of these daily strips produced and in fact they were drawn by comics master Alex Toth!

Here are four of the strips, and you can view the full set of twelve over at The Alex Toth Archives.

Wednesday, February 05, 2020

A New Jack Kirby Comic in February 2020!

I am ready for a new Jack Kirby comic book!

On Valentines Day 2020 the first issue of Soul Love will be printed! At long last! Fifty years later than originally intended! The writing and drawing of these stories by Jack Kirby were completed back in 1971 and Soul Love was intended as a companion publication to Spirit World and In the Days of the Mob. The latter two comics saw print from Hampshire Dist. Ltd. (which was DC Comics in all but name) but the plug was pulled before Soul Love was published.

Mr. Kirby designed the cover for Soul Love and drew the ink-wash drawing shown below. TwoMorrows Publications hired Alex Ross to paint a finalized version and above you can see the cover as it will be printed this month.

Now here is the crucial part of this news: if you want a copy of Soul Love #1 you must act N O W! The comic will be available only directly from TwoMorrows and the print run is being limited to 200 (two hundred) copies. Whoa! I ordered mine as soon as I heard about the project and you can do the same over here. I hope you're not too late to land a copy!

Sunday, January 26, 2020

Superman by Curt Swan and Wally Wood!

Curt Swan is my all-time favorite Superman penciller.

Wally Wood hovers near the top of my list of all-time favorite inkers.

Those two gentlemen never did team up to draw a Superman story, but wouldn't it be great to see at least one drawing of Superman pencilled by Mr. Swan and inked by Mr. Wood? But wait, you can!

In the late 1970s, a dedicated and industrious fan of comic art (whose name is unknown to me) approached a dozen or so comic artists one at a time and asked each one to draw a character of theirs on a single quite-wide page, side-by-side with other characters. The fan's project resulted in a very nifty 'jam' drawing!

No longer must you relegate to your imagination the thought of the steadfastness of a Curt Swan Superman being paired with the majesty of Wally Wood inks! Here it is before your eyes, center-stage on this magnificent artifact! (And all the artwork surrounding the Superman is great too...)

Thursday, January 23, 2020

Fred Hembeck and his Re-Creations

Where else but in a Fred Hembeck drawing could you enjoy the treat of seeing Sugar and Spike and Scribbly Jibbett and The (original) Red Tornado and The Three Mouseketeers all together in one scene?! I'm very glad that some comics fan commissioned Fred to construct the above homage to the great Sheldon Mayer featuring so many of that gentleman's wonderful characters!

As I mentioned before back at the dawn of The Hayfamzone Blog, once upon a time I myself commissioned the irrepressible and indefatigable Mr. Hembeck to draw in his inimitable style versions of two excellent Jack Kirby covers, 1970's The Forever People #1 (my single favorite comic book of all time) and 1974's The Sandman #1.

And you can see plenty more of Fred's fun artwork over at!

Wednesday, January 08, 2020

New York Tom's

The New York Times published no ongoing comic strip features but from time to time the newspaper does dabble with one-off narratives in comics form. I do appreciate their effort and I like to share with you the dabbles because you might not otherwise see this fun artwork by Jessica Olien.

Many of the projects seem to focus on food and that is true about this page that salutes Tom's Diner in Brooklyn, New York. Please enjoy!

Sunday, January 05, 2020

Jack Kirby's First DC Cover

Up until 1971 I had never heard of The Newsboy Legion or The Guardian. But that year all the DC Comics jumped from 36 pages for fifteen cents to 52 pages for twenty-five cents, and the editors filled up those extra pages with prime Golden Age reprints that opened up the World of Comics to me and countless other fans. The first Newsboy Legion story from 1941's Star Spangled Comics #7 was reprinted in September 1971's Jimmy Olsen #141, and even the above cover was reprinted on an interior page of that Jimmy issue.

The original artwork to this cover (annotated at the bottom with "from the collection of [Batman artist and Joker co-creator] Jerry Robinson") has shown up on the internet and it is definitely worth a look! This was Jack Kirby's first cover for DC Comics, and the gentleman would draw so many more covers for that company over the subsequent forty years! Hooray for Jack Kirby!

Friday, December 27, 2019

Jack Kirby Is Coming to Free Comic Book Day!

May 2 will be Free Comic Book Day in 2020!

Some years I have no particular interest in any of the free comics but 2020 will not be one of those years. The life story of Jack Kirby in comic book form? I will be first in line for that doozy!

Here is the Free Comic Book Day website if you'd like more details.