Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A Moment of Cerebus in the Hayfamzone

The Moment of Cerebus website posts something every day having to do with Dave Sim and his artwork. Last week when writing about the gentleman's latter-day computer lettering it pointed out that Mr. Sim uses the Joe Kubert font. The article tells how that font was designed at the request of Mr. Kubert himself for that artist's own use, and a link on the Moment of Cerebus site whisks the reader away to a page where they can purchase the John Roshell-designed Joe Kubert font for themselves.

Dave Sim goes on to explain that the Joe Kubert font is very much like the lettering of the great Ben Oda (about whom I have of course glowingly written so many times). And wait until you hear this. If you click on the Ben Oda link in the Cerebus article, you are redirected to one of my articles about the great  Mr. Oda! I like that!

Let me remind you that you can download Odaballoon, the Ben Oda font, for free, over here.


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