Saturday, May 18, 2013

My Jack Kirby Artwork in Omnibus 2 (Part 1)

My copy of The Jack Kirby Omnibus Volume 2 arrived in the mail the other day but I didn't rush to crack the plastic seal and page through the book. The subtitling of the edition suggested that only Super Powers stories were included and that was not my favorite period of Jack Kirby artwork. But, contrary to that subtitle, there is so much more to this book than just the Super Powers series:

Black Magic, Sandman, Kobra, Atlas, Dingbats, Manhunter

Before I knew it I was realizing that I own the original artwork to some of the pages reprinted in this book. One such, shown above and below, is from Sandman #6 and is drawn by Mr. Kirby and the great Wally Wood. (Prior to purchasing the above page I already owned a Noman page by Gil Kane and Wood and a Justice Society page by Keith Giffen and Wood, but to acquire a page by Kirby and Wood was a dream come true!) And the lettering is by Ben Oda.

I was all set to tell you that the artwork was redrawn (or, as they say, "touched up") for this reprint edition as has been the case with some stories reprinted in the DC Archives editions but no, this page was not redrawn. The reproduction is a little muddy and some of the Wood finery is obscured but that might have something to do with the fact that the artwork was shrunken a little bit more to fit on this book's pages than it would have been to fit on a comic book page.

On another day I'll show you one more page in The Jack Kirby Omnibus Volume 2 that I am proud to own the original of.


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