Thursday, May 09, 2013

Zachi Made a Comic Book

Nice Bruce Timm cover up above, right? Yes, except for the fact that it's not really drawn by Bruce Timm. Please keep reading and all will be revealed.

This week I saw an article about a twelve-year-old boy named Zachi Telesha who received a cancer diagnosis at age 8 and worked his way through the ordeal by publishing a comic book. Zachi created a team of superheroes and received help publishing their story. Here is a YouTube video in which Zachi himself explains how the whole project came together.

Glen Mullaly is the artist of Hero Up! and he has been quoted as saying that he "had a lot of fun channeling (okay - ripping off) Jack Kirby and Bruce Timm for it." You can investigate Mr. Mulally's website over here.

Feel free to purchase your own copy of Hero Up! over on this website. I'm going to order one myself and then I'm sure I'll have more to say about Zachi's comic book.


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