Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Flash Running Rings Around Superman at C2E2

Talk about perfect timing! C2E2 is the modern-day Chicago Comicon, and the 2013 festival was held this past weekend at the massive McCormick Place Convention Center. The prevalence of convention-goers donning costumes is a fairly recent phenomenon here in Chicago, and I have to admit that some of the costumes are really great. (No, I did not wear one.)

Some costume duplications are inevitable of course. There were quite a few Jokers (although I saw just one Heath Ledger Joker) and also many Harley Quinns (all in Harley's original garb, none in her New 52 get-up). Silver Age Flashes were plentiful as well; take a look up above at what Jeanette was able to snap a photo of.

Three unrelated Flashes converged on the spot where Superman was flexing and one of those four gents had a great idea. The three speedsters posed equally spaced in a circle around Superman as if it were one fast runner that we were seeing surround the Kryptonian. Brilliant!

I think Carmine Infantino would have gotten a kick out of that photo.


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