Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Jack Kirby, The Comic Book

I walk around the dealers room at a comic convention looking for things that are new and different and unexpected. I got a real treat at C2E2 last weekend when I spotted a comic book entitled Jack Kirby in the Artists Alley. The gentleman behind the table was Sean McArdle who happened to be the letterer of the comic (and we had a little chat about comics lettering). I snapped up my copy of Jack Kirby and continued my way around the convention floor.

I like this comic. I very much like the circular way the story is structured; writer John Judy tells the life story of Jack Kirby the way he wants to for the first half, then he starts over chronologically and tells anecdotes from Mr. Kirby's early years that hadn't yet been mentioned in the story. One of artist Paul Cox's drawings shows The King chomping on his cigar (but I was surprised to see Mr. K smoking a pipe in another drawing because I believe I have never seen a photo of such a scenario).

Jack Kirby was published by Bluewater Comics in 2012 and let's check over on ebay to see if we can find you a copy.


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