Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Bill Gates and Graphic Novels

Bill Gates maintains a blog entitled The Gates Notes. One corner of the website is reserved for Mr. Gates to share his thoughts on books after he finishes reading them. I was curious whether any graphic novels appeared on that list, so I moseyed on over to take a look-see.

The answer is no. In the list of one hundred or so books there are (sniff) zero graphic novels. Most of the titles listed are non-fiction, but Catcher in the Rye and The Hunger Games are on there.

No button on the website allows one to suggest reading material to Mr. Gates, but I gave some thought to what graphic novel I might recommend to the gentleman if there were. Of course you and I appreciate a Jack Kirby Omnibus and a Watchmen Absolute Edition, but I would not refer a comics novice to books such as those.

Instead I would recommend Daytripper by Gabriel Moon and Fabio Ba, which I told you back here was my favorite comic book of 2010; I consider that story a superb introduction to the wonder of our artform. Since I am unable to send my recommendation to Mr. Gates on his website, he will have to wait for the information until he gets around to reading this blog post.


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