Saturday, May 25, 2013

Jack Kirby, Rousing Kickstarter Success

There will be a new book about Jack Kirby featuring previously unseen artwork and family photographs. Oh, and one other thing: the complete manuscript to a play written by Mr. Kirby! Who knew?

This book is being funded on Kickstarter by grandson Jeremy Kirby (and please remember that I told you about one of Jeremy's earlier Jack Kirby projects over here). The funding goal of $7500 has been blown out of the water! As I type this is Day 5 of the Kickstarter campaign, already over $20,000 has been pledged!

Certain pledge levels come with the privilege of having your name printed in the book thanking you for being a sponsor. That sounds great to me! Details on how you can be part of history are right over here.


At 12:00 PM, Anonymous John Stangeland said...

What a great picture of Jack at the drawing board - and PAINTING, at that! By the way - I never would have pictured Jack doing anything shirtless except swimming and bathing...


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