Friday, June 07, 2013

Epic and Epic Comics

Say, am I the only one who notices that the new film entitled Epic has a logo that is distressingly similar to the logo that Marvel Comics used for its Epic Illustrated magazine back in the 1980s? The similarity struck me the first time I saw the movie logo, but there are four things I like better about the comic book logo: the e, the p, the i, and the c.

(By the way, I had forgotten about John Byrne and Terry Austin's The Last Galactus Story ten-part serial that was cut short after the ninth installment due to the cancellation of Epic Illustrated. Isn't that a shame? A Jack Kirby character like Galactus just blowing in the wind like that for 27 years? Wouldn't it be nice if Marvel would invite Mr. Byrne and Mr. Austin to finally whip up the closing installment of the story after all these decades of leaving us hanging?)


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