Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Bill Finger and The Green Slime and The Clock King

I was thinking this morning about movies I saw at the theater in my youth and a horror film named The Green Slime came to mind. Just for fun I looked it up on imdb and was startled to find that the movie's screenplay was written by Bill Finger. Whoa! Did you know that the uncredited co-creator of Batman was writing screenplays in the 1960s?!

The imdb page for Mr. Finger also indicates that he wrote the two episodes of the 1960s Batman TV show that featured The Clock King (as portrayed above by Walter Slezak), a character that the gentleman had created as The Clock back in the Golden Age as a villain for Robin in his Star Spangled Comics solo series. If you have 22 minutes to burn you can watch one of those two Batman TV episodes over here.


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