Saturday, June 22, 2013

Mark Evanier Writes About Mort Weisinger

I figure that anyone reading what I write is certainly also reading what Mark Evanier writes over on his News from me blog (since, after all, his column is a paradigm of blogworld). In case I'm wrong about that though, I feel the need to link to what Mark wrote today about Mort Weisinger, the Superman editor of decades past.

Mark's write-up is over here. I found it to be fascinating reading, much of which I hadn't known previously. Among other tidbits, Mark explains how a novel entitled The Contest written by Mr. Weisinger (and/or others) may have played a role in that gentleman's exit from DC Comics. I had never heard of The Contest before but I just ordered a copy on ebay and will write with more after I receive the book in the mail.


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