Monday, June 17, 2013

Jack Kirby in Comic Book Creator

Comic Book Creator is a nice little treat that might have slipped by without you noticing it last month.

The cover story is a long piece about Jack Kirby and is accompanied by a couple of vintage photos I had not seen before. The new cover for the magazine is an Alex Ross painting featuring Mr. Kirby and a number of his creations, and the gentleman talks about his cover and his other Kirby-related artwork in a separate article. There is even a new Fred Hembeck gag page with Kirby characters dancing around in full color.

The issue also displays an unused Neal Adams cover to 1969's The Brave and the Bold #85 which is new to me, and I think none of us has ever before seen the paintings of Mr. Frank Robbins.

There are enough items in this first issue of Comic Book Creator to make me glad I purchased it, but now I'll let you think about what you would like to do.


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