Monday, August 13, 2012

rebelmouse: A New Way to Visit the Hayfamzone

A week or so ago, I started a rebelmouse account. I had never heard of that website and didn't know what it was, but I signed up. How could it hurt, I figured, and maybe this will turn out to be a good thing (whatever it is). Sometimes you just get lucky. I have learned what it is and, far better then merely good, rebelmouse is EXCELLENT!

It turns out that rebelmouse is an aggregator. (You can read a business page article with specifics about it over here.) It collects web pages and presents them in an organized fashion. I already told you about my previous experience with the Scoop It: Jack Kirby aggregator which collects and re-presents any article I (or others) write having to do with Jack Kirby. Rebelmouse collects all of my Hayfamzone Blog articles, regardless of their subject matter,  and presents them in a newsletter format. I like the look very much!

I've mentioned before that I send out a tweet on twitter every time I post a new blog article. Well, rebelmouse incorporates my tweet as the headline of the item on the rebelmouse/hayfamzone page. The aggregator even includes items that I have looked at but did not produce. You may find yourself liking it so much that you wind up using rebelmouse as your main portal to the hayfamzone. Don't wait another second! See what you think about it over at

Hooray for rebelmouse!


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