Friday, February 03, 2012

Leaving Easy Tweet Behind

I joined Twitter in April of 2009 and quickly tired of it. In October 2009 I tweeted what I thought would be my last when I wrote "I'm going to hire someone to make my twitter posts. And that's what I call being on Easy Tweet!"

(I also 'vowed' when I started The Hayfamzone Blog that I would never embed images, but now I wouldn't think of putting up a post without an image to attract your eye. Things evolve.)

The hayfamzone is, quite literally, going places in 2012. (Keep checking back and soon I'll tell you what I mean by that!)

I invite you to click on the Twitter button that I've added on the right side of this page so you can follow me (and just in case something goes awry and you don't see any button, just search on twitter for hayfamzone and you'll find me immediately); I'll be sure to send out a tweet each time I post to the blog. I definitely want you to ride the Hayfamzone Starship with me, and 2012 is the year we're going to make the jump to warp speed!


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