Monday, January 30, 2012

Lots of Logo Talk

  • Alex Jay left a comment yesterday on my article regarding the Mystery Letterer of the early Jimmy Olsen comics. I've known since the 1980s that Mr. Jay designed the logo for Howard Chaykin's American Flagg (which you can see again over here) but I wasn't sure what else he's done, so I dug in and found out; here is a little biography I stumbled upon. I also investigated his blog about lettering and was interested to see proposed Green Lantern logos that Mr. Jay designed.
  • On the last page and inside back cover of the recent Mudman #2, Paul Grist walks us through his thought process about how he designed his comic's logo. I got a kick out him saying that he felt that by including the figure of Mudman in the logo he was going for a Marvel/DC vibe.
  • Here is a short article showing some well-known comics logos and featuring links to many articles on the topic written by Todd Klein.
  • I think I have not yet heard one positive comment about the new DC Comics logos that were recently unveiled. One writer even pointed out that the "DC COMICS" portion was not kerned properly; I had to look up what that meant (and here is a game that will teach you about kerning!). It strikes me as way too much of an in-joke that the D is peeling off the C, and no way is a layman going to look at that design and see "DC." Which means that, as a logo, it fails. I far prefer this in-your-face alternative, as drawn by Mo ALi:

    • You can even watch a video about a fan distressed by the new DC logo!


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