Friday, December 02, 2011

I Like Mudman

I've been enjoying the artwork of Paul Grist for years now. His Jack Staff series began way back in 2003 and his stripped-down style has always shouted "FUN!" to me.

He has now started up a new title that I feel is his best work yet. Mudman #1 hit the stands last month and it could easily have escaped your notice. But it's not too late to grab the comic for yourself! If you were a fan of the earliest issues of Spider-Man (and who wasn't?) I strongly encourage you to seek this one out because Mudman has that same cool vibe.

(I found it a bit of a funny coincidence that, in the issue of DC's My Greatest Adventure miniseries that came out the same week as Mudman #1, it was Batman himself who referred disparagingly to Aaron Lopresti's Garbage Man character as a "mud man.")

Here's a look at Mudman in action, and you can see clearly that Paul G. is giving his artwork plenty of room to breathe.


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