Saturday, August 04, 2012

Batman Burlesque

So you feel Batman is a little on the grim side in the new Christopher Nolan film? You're wishing that things could lighten up just a little bit? Oh brother, have I got some news for you.

Batman Burlesque is a new play opening tonight at The Gorilla Tango Theater in Skokie, Illinois and running through September 29. Maybe the publicity photo above makes it clear that the word "grim" will not be in anyone's mind when the actors take the stage. It appears that the cast is all female and high heels are de rigeur.

It says here that admittance is (gulp) only for those aged eighteen and over. (I do wonder if this production has been in any way authorized or approved by DC Comics.) By the way, I haven't even revealed the full title of the play. You can read more about Batman Burlesque over here and here. Good luck.


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