Thursday, July 26, 2012

Female Comics Creators

Of course women have been involved with creating comics for just as long as there have been comics. The two earliest practitioners that occur to me are Ramona Fradon (who entered the field in 1950) and Marie Severin (1949). I always got a little tickle when a comic convention panel was entitled "Women in Comics" as if that were some new phenomenon.

I am pleased to show you a Freedom Fighters full-page splash drawn in the 1970s by Ms. Fradon (and lettered by Ben Oda) which I used to own (I purchased it at the charity auction at the 1977 Chicago Comicon). You might even be interested in purchasing the newly published Art of Ramona Fradon. I and so many others have enjoyed the art styles of both Ms. Fradon and Ms. Severin for many decades.

This all comes to my mind now because a full page article was published this week in The Chicago Tribune under the title Women get foothold in comic books. You can read that article for yourself over here and discover some up-and-coming female artists whose comics you may not have encountered yet. (The print version of the article was about five times as long as this online version but I don't see the unabridged piece posted anywhere; sorry about that.)You might even want to explore the Women in Comics wiki which has 536 pages as of this writing.


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