Friday, July 20, 2012

Batman Day

Today is Opening Day for The Dark Knight Rises. I went to the midnight premiere of the other two Christopher Nolan Batman films but I didn't go to last night's. I do have a couple of things to share, however.

1. I was horrified to hear on the radio news this morning about what happened in the Colorado theater last night. President Obama is scheduled to make a statement about the tragedy today and I hope Mr. Nolan will make a statement also.

2. Bane is the main villain of the movie, as you've probably heard. Rush Limbaugh was telling his radio listeners this week that the name of the villain was (paraphrasing here) formulated by the left-wing Hollywood elite to serve as a subliminal slam against Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney because of its homonymic relationship to Mr. Romney's former company Bain Capital. (A tip of the hayfamzone bowler to Richard Roeper for sharing this tidbit.)

3. Neal Adams has posted a spoiler-free review of the movie over here. I cannot believe that Mr. Adams is 71 years old. Have I mentioned before that I interviewed the gentleman in 1978? I'll save that for later, but down below is a photo from last week's San Diego Comicon of Mr. Adams palling around with the real-life Deadman.


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