Sunday, July 15, 2012

Live from San Diego Comicon

There is a cable television channel named G4. I never heard of it before yesterday. You might want to investigate it, though, because this weekend they have been broadcasting live four-hour blocks from the San Diego Comicon.

I just watched the first few minutes of today's coverage, which opened with an interview conducted on a balcony over the convention floor with actor Don Cheadle about his role in Iron Man 3.

The action then moved down to the floor itself and one of the G4 reporters perpetrated a lame skit as he was rifling through a dealer's comic box. The reporter was trying to find a bargain-priced Amazing Fantasy #15 but was saddened to find only a #16 and a #14. Of course there was no Amazing Fantasy #16 and not really even a #14, so G4 doesn't seem to place much stock in rudimentary research.

Still it's interesting to know this show exists and you might want to check it out on your cable system. 


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