Wednesday, July 18, 2012

My Batman Antenna Topper (Part 1)

Antenna balls or, as they are more generally referred to, antenna toppers are a wonderful invention. When a parking lot is filled to capacity with a sea of cars, an antenna ball helps me navigate to and easily locate my vehicle. The Hayfamzone Limousine is not quite as massive or showy as a Batmobile or a Green Hornet Black Beauty and the antenna ball as tracking device has many times been helpful to me. (I am amazed at how often my car is the only one sporting an antenna topper in a huge parking lot. People don't know the convenience that they're missing!)

A few years ago on ebay I bought an assortment of a dozen random and generic antenna balls. The one on my antenna right now is a generic red ball. It does the trick but it is so generic. I got the idea to search for a Batman-symbol topper and yesterday I found one and I placed the order.

I knew of the existence of a Bat topper because I owned one before. They were produced for and sold at Warner Brothers Stores and that's where I bought the one I used to have. (Don't get me started about the WB stores because I miss them quite a bit!)

So, you're wondering, what happened to the Bat topper I had? Easy answer. It was stolen. Some Batman fan could not resist the temptation and took my Batman topper as his own. Probably he put it on his car and somebody took it from him!

Part of my motivation for making my purchase yesterday was to perform one of my hayfamzone experiments. (You can read about a previous hayfamzone experiment over here.) I am anxious to see how long the Batman antenna topper will survive on my car until somebody cannot resist a devilish temptation. I will keep you updated.


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