Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Geek Magazine #1

I don't want to start any arguments! Please do notice that in the next sentence I write "my favorite" and not "the best."

My favorite fanzine of all time is The Comic Reader, and The Buyer's Guide for Comic Fandom is my favorite newspaper about comics and Comics Scene is my favorite magazine about comics. Of those three favorites only one (The Comics Buyers Guide) is still published (and in a radically different form than its newspaper incarnation that I'm remembering).

Rather than pine on about three greats that no longer exist though, I am on constant watch for something new that is as great or maybe even greater.

I spotted Geek #1 on the newsstand last week. I hadn't heard that any such magazine would be coming down the pike but its Spider-Man cover leapt out at me off the rack. Although comic books are within the magazine's purview, they are not its top priority. Above the title on the cover is the list "Lifestyle + Tech + Music + Gadgets + Gaming + Movies + Comics" and it's a bit telling that comics are the last item in that queue. I might describe this publication as Esquire Magazine with a few pages about comics.

The first issue has an article about some young comics artists like Amy Reeder and (Chicago resident) Mike Norton. The cover story about Spider-Man in the movies displays a number of postage-stamp sized comic cover reproductions. Another piece traces Catwoman in various media through the decades and it rightly mentions Darwyn Cooke's comic book interpretation from ten years ago quite favorably.

I have a feeling that you've read between my lines and figured out that Geek is not supplanting Comics Scene as my favorite magazine about comics. You are correct. But there is some content worth viewing and I will be investigating future issues of, as it is called, Geek Magazine.


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