Sunday, August 05, 2012

Geek Girl Con

Next weekend will bring the second annual Geek Girl Con to Seattle, Washington. I hadn't heard of it previously but this event appears to be quite a bit more than a back-yard flea market since they are charging $30 for a one-day pass or $45 for a two-day pass. (Last year's first Geek Girl Con must have been judged to have been a success to warrant this return engagement, and here is a short review of it.)

The top-billed guest at the convention is artist Renae De Liz who has drawn comics for IDW. Writers Greg Rucka and Gail Simone and Jen Van Meter round out the list of comics-related guests, but comics appear to be a low-on-the-totem-pole focus here (as with Geek Magazine like I wrote about last week).  Most of the guests seem to be from other media like television or gaming.

I am all in favor of girls and boys and men and women and everybody being fans of comics books. If Geek Girl Con is a fun time and gets people more interested in comics and related pursuits, I'm on board. But I couldn't help where my mind wandered to. As I first read the GGC home page where the front-and-center first three paragraphs encourage attendees to plan ahead for the convention and to wear comfortable clothing and to go ahead and dress up in a costume, I can't be held responsible for what occurred to me. Their website isn't trumpeting their Special Guests of Honor, I asked myself? I'm ready to accept the lashing that will come with admitting it, but I immediately thought of the classic Saturday Night Live commercial parody known as Chess for Girls.

(By the way, I like how last year's GGC logo included a little artwork, as seen below.) You can get full details about this year's Geek Girl Con at


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