Friday, June 28, 2013

My Speedball Drawing(s) in Ditkomania

The new issue of Ditkomania arrived in the mail this week. Editor/publisher Rob Imes continues to do a great job every issue. This #91 had a surprise for me: a drawing of mine!

It's a little picture of Speedball in the same pose as Spider-Man on Jack Kirby's cover of Amazing Fantasy #15. I showed it to you and told you about my drawing back here, and I forgot that I had sent it in to Rob for DM! (You can contact Rob over here in case you'd like to order a copy of DM 91 for yourself.)

Up above I'm instead showing the cover of Speedball that I drew for Ditkomania #25 back in 1988. The paparazzi are always hounding me and asking if I'm bored with getting artwork published in DM (since my association with the fanzine dates back to issue 6 in 1983). The answer I give them is a resounding NO! Still a thrill!


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