Thursday, March 14, 2013

Thor and Kamandi, Twins?

I never previously drew any parallel between Thor and Kamandi other than they were both brainchildren of the masterful Jack Kirby, but I guess they do  have the long blond mane in common. There's a gent named Ross who mashes together characters that never met onto a comic book cover that never was. The above Thor and Kamandi is one of Ross's recent handiworks.

Over on the home page of Super-Team Family: The Lost Issues, it's clear that Ross reliably posts a new cover mash-up every single day. A few that caught my eye were Man-Bat and Man-Thing and then there's Firestorm and Nova and, wait a minute,  doesn't The Fantastic Four versus The Anti-Monitor sound reminiscent of something I just wrote about yesterday? You can while away a few fun minutes on Ross's website and I invite you to do just that right over here.


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