Saturday, March 09, 2013

Jack Kirby, Incorrigible Prankster (Part 2)

Yesterday I shared with you a report from Folo the Great that Jack Kirby used to play pranks on the fan press by feeding them misleading information. I found no details about this anyplace on the internet but Folo has fleshed out what he previously wrote with the following:

I'm in the middle of Marvel Comics: The Untold Story right now, and it's causing me to think about Kirby's pranks. These were mentioned in a fanzine years ago, a warning not to believe anything Jack told you; however, reading the book is making me think that Jack was being lied to and manipulated and would tell things that were planned as if they were written in stone and which later went by the wayside. And judging by the news this morning about a Disney leak they refuse to answer, it almost looks like it's happening again!

Of course I'm curious what fanzine the information Folo refers to appeared in, and my investigation is ongoing.

UPDATE: Click here to read about the Conclusion of this investigation.


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