Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Rent the Batcave?

I keep my eyes open when I'm driving around the great city of Chicago, and of course my eyes grew wide when I saw a sign telling me the location of The Original Bat Cave! Who wouldn't want to convene a party in the Bat Cave?!

I went into the establishment and asked the bartender if I could please see his Bat Cave. He wasn't sure what I was so enthusiastic about as he took me around the corner to a medium-sized room with nothing in it but an empty stage. That, of course, was not exactly what I had been hoping for. I thanked the gentleman and exited.

If you're curious to see this Bat Cave for yourself, it's located inside The Windy City Inn at 2257 West Irving Park Road. Keep in mind that will need to supply your own bats.


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