Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Jerry Siegel on the Radio

Of course when I say "Jerry Siegel" you think of the writer who co-created Superman with artist Joe Shuster. But do you know that the gentleman appeared on an episode of a popular radio show in 1940? It's true.

I've told you previously that comic book writer Steve Darnall also hosts a weekly Old-Time-Radio show. I happened to be listening to his show this past Saturday and no sooner did I tune in than I was treated to a recording of Mr. Fred Allen interviewing Mr. Jerry Siegel on the 10/9/1940 installment of The Fred Allen Show. If you were to ask me who Fred Allen was I would tell you he was a comedian who had a friendly rivalry with Jack Benny, but if you then asked me who Jack Benny was I would probably say never mind.

To hear a six minute sample of the 1940 interview, just click here and the recording will begin playing immediately.

UPDATE: I found a better way to listen to the above audio plus a couple more great photos. Here you go.


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