Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Jerry Siegel PLUS Harry Donenfeld with Superman

Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster admiring a Neal Adams drawing of Superman flying with the two of them.

Last week I shared with you a link to a 6-minute audio clip of Jerry Siegel appearing on the Fred Allen radio program in 1940. Well that was nice of me, but it was just the first six minutes of a longer appearance and a lady kept whispering "preview" every 30 seconds or so. That clip was the best I could garner at the time but I now have a greatly improved option for you.

I have found a podcast which features the full Jerry Siegel appearance, plus you additionally get to hear DC Comics publisher Harry Donenfeld getting mouthy with Superman (as played by Clayton Collyer)! The podcast host begins the transmission with a bit of his own organizational business but, after that, it's smooth sailing with what Mr. Siegel and Mr. Donenfeld and a (gulp) testy Superman had to say. You can listen to this great piece of history over here. Enjoy!

Harry Donenfeld with Bud Collyer and Joan Alexander of The Adventures of Superman


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