Monday, March 04, 2013

Jerry Ordway's Frustration

Jerry Ordway is a great comic book artist. I own every comic with his artwork in it and each and each of them is a treat to peruse. Mr. Ordway's unusual career path had him enter the business as an inker and then move into penciling and into writing, and the gentleman excels at all of these different aspects of the comics medium. He is one of my favorite comic artists; the majesty of his characters and the confidence of his line bring to my mind the no less than the legendary Wally Wood, one of the best artists in the long history of comics.

Mr. Ordway posted an article on his blog a day or two ago that startled me. He wrote that would like to draw more comics than he is given the opportunity to. He wishes the big companies would give him more work than they have been for the last few years. What exactly is wrong with those publishers? Jerry Ordway's artwork is so much better than what I see in so many of the current comics.

The blog article got me to start daydreaming. The new chap who will soon be taking over the art chores on Green Lantern is a pretty good artist, but I wonder whether those editors give a thought to selecting Jerry Ordway for that book. An Ordway Green Lantern? What an inspired choice that would have been!


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