Thursday, February 28, 2013

Harlan Ellison is My Favorite Writer

Harlan Ellison and Jeanette Hayes at Chicago Comicon 1994

Yesterday I watched Harlan Ellison: Dreams with Sharp Teeth on DVD. The movie is a documentary of the gentleman's life and features face time with Robin Williams and Neil Gaiman and Peter David. Hearing Mr. Ellison ranting in this film reminds me of the convention appearances I saw of the writer a couple of decades ago, and I enjoyed those appearances very much. I won't label Dreams with Sharp Teeth as a perfect movie but I'm glad I saw it.

Maybe you'd like to reread something else I wrote about Harlan Ellison and, from last summer, here it is. Yes, I headed that article with the same photo that you see at the top of this page. This marks the first time The Hayfamzone Blog has used the same picture a second time but that photo I snapped is priceless to me and it's entirely possible that I will reprint it a thousand more times!


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