Thursday, June 21, 2012

Harlan Ellison and His Comics

Harlan Ellison is my favorite contemporary author. 

I initially encountered his writing in the 1973 prose digest from Marvel Comics entitled The Haunt of Horror. From my very first reading of his work I was amazed by the way he toyed with words and strung together magical new phrases line after line after line.

I have written previously about how Mark Waid is selling his entire comic collection. Well, if you go to the website where Blastoff Comics is doing that liquidating, you'll see that a far less publicized sale is running simultaneously: Harlan Ellison is also selling his comics and, just like Mr. Waid, Mr. Ellison is also making videos about the items!

Here is a video where Mr. E. tells you about his copy of X-Men #1 which was personalized to him by Stan Lee. And, while we're sharing, here is a collection of pithy quotations by Harlan Ellison.

The nice photo below of Mr. Ellison I found on the internet. But the picture up at the top of the page? That's another story entirely! That photo, featuring the gentleman and Jeanette, was snapped by me at The Chicago Comicon in the mid-1990s. That's right! My favorite writer and my favorite daughter, together again for the very first time!


At 6:45 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for Comiccon pic! I was actually there -- but I was so tired (from driving 30+ hours, and getting little or no sleep at a noisy motel), I barely even spoke to Harlan when we met (finally) as he was signing autographs. Very nice pic.


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