Saturday, June 16, 2012

Thanks, but no CAKE for Me

Really? Are my interests really that mainstream? Can this possibly be true?

This weekend the Chicago Alternative Comics Expo is being held, and I have absolutely no interest in attending. I had never heard of this conference before yesterday but, when I came across a paragraph announcing the event I said to myself Hmm, maybe I'll go check this out. Then I read their panel descriptions and I realized I would not be going. Seven panels were being planned for each day and not a single one of them came anywhere near reeling me in. You can see how the descriptions sound to you over at their website.

Some of the guests at the Expo I have a passing knowledge of, like Jeffrey Brown and Anders Nilsen and Paul Hornschemeier. Also Sarah Becan (about whom I've told you previously over here) was at the conference and she even sent out a tweet encouraging whomever had left behind their copy of her Shuteye to come pick it up at Table 22. In all twenty-five guests are listed but most of them I have never heard of.

It's obvious from the CAKE website that a great deal of effort and planning went into this conference, but I'm very curious to know how well attended it was. And exactly how does the K in their acronym stand for "Comics" anyway?


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