Thursday, June 07, 2012

Ray Bradbury's "Fight" with EC Comics

Here's a tidbit of comics history that some of you younger whippersnappers may not know.

In the early 1950s, editor Al Feldstein and publisher William Gaines of EC Comics were cranking out so very many stories for their anthology titles like Tales from the Crypt and Weird Science that they were constantly on the lookout for inspiration. One time they used two Ray Bradbury stories as "inspiration" for one of their stories which, of course, many other authors might have objected to strenuously.

But Bradbury's response was to write a note to EC saying how much he had enjoyed "their" story and that, somehow, his royalty check must have been misdirected. Pretty classy! The parties came to an agreement and the Feldstein adaptations of Bradbury stories continued, totaling almost two dozen. Maybe you're anxious to see another one?

Yesterday I showed you The Million Year Picnic (drawn by John Severin and Will Elder), and today here is The Lake (drawn by Joe Orlando).


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