Monday, June 04, 2012

Alan Moore and 1963

1963 written in 1993 by Alan Moore is almost certainly my favorite series ever published by Image Comics.The six issues in the run were a fun and wonderful throwback to an earlier age of comics. After those six the plan was for there to be an oversized "Annual" issue. I waited a year for it and then another year and, basically, I'm still waiting twenty years later. (Maybe you'd like to read what Wikipedia has to say about 1963.)

Just today I stumbled upon a 2010 interview with Steve Bissette, one of Moore's 1963 collaborators. I'm about ready to stop waiting for the Annual, but Mr. Bissette describes plans of his own for portions of the property. The interview gets chest-deep in the politics of the comics world and an indication is given as to what it's like to (gulp) work with Alan Moore. You can read it over here.


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