Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Yes, I Said Popeye

My favorite comic book of the last two months was Popeye #1 from IDW.

Why? Because it's a great comic book with a complete story. No, this is not a company-wide Court of Goons crossover issue. There aren't any even double-page splashes to add to the "drama." But there is a clever and entertaining story by Roger Langridge and great artwork by Bruce Ozella, both of whom are perfect for this series. Plus, the comic is printed on real paper, not that shiny stuff that DC and Marvel think readers prefer.

Now brace yourself because I'm going to interrogate you. Did you buy this comic? Did you know that it was going to be published? Did you shrug it off without a thought feeling that it was published for the 'little ones?' If you answered Yes and Yes and No then you may step down from the stand. Otherwise, keep reading. (Your honor, permission to treat the witness as hostile.)

It's our responsibility as comic book fans and readers to always be on the lookout for anything new and wonderful. I try to do my part by passing on the word about great comic books like Popeye or Mudman. Don't lock yourself into a box or wear blinders.

There are plenty of great comic being published today. You just have to look!


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