Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Alex Ross Museum

I never watch any network news show on television. The only two programs I watch that are news-related are 60 Minutes and Chicago Tonight. The latter is produced by and broadcast on WTTW, Chicago's public television channel; for one hour four evenings per week it rounds up the news of the day, it showcases long-form interviews with local figures, and it presents features on the arts and the sciences and the home. Something for everyone!

Last month, to put a local spin on its reporting of The Avengers as a rousing film success, Chicago Tonight interviewed Alex Ross (and one of his former teachers at Chicago's American Academy of Art). I learned for the first time that Mr. Ross's mother was herself a professional artist and saw a sample of her work. Particularly interesting to me was that one room in Castle Ross is what I would have to call a museum devoted to comics; there are life-size statues of Superman and Batman and Wonder Woman and Iron Man in that room!

You can enjoy this interview video yourself right over here.


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