Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A New Vintage Photo of Steve Ditko

Tom Gill (top) and Steve Ditko (bottom)

Not too long ago I showed you a handwritten note from Steve Ditko in answer to one of his fans, and today I'm ready to show you Mr. Ditko himself. The new hardcover archival collection entitled Monsters: Gorgo features not only 200 pages of great 1960s Steve Ditko artwork, it also hosts the appearance of an unearthed contemporaneous photo of the famously camera-shy Mr. Ditko that I and probably you have never seen before! There's a glimpse of it above but for a clearer view you'll want to get a copy of the book for yourself. And let's not neglect to notice that the tome is edited by Craig Yoe, about whom I wrote this a few years back.


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