Wednesday, March 13, 2013

DC Nation Green Lantern is On Fire!

A number of times since its debut last year I've been telling you how excellent Green Lantern, The Animated Series on Cartoon Network's DC Nation is, and the show just keeps getting better. It has leapt up to being my second-favorite superhero television cartoon, behind only Batman, the Animated Series from the 1990s. I attribute the superlative quality of GLtAS to the inspired guidance of Executive Producer Bruce Timm (who of course also had his finger on the pulse of BtAS).

Recent episodes of the Green Lantern series have featured appearances by Sinestro, Larfleeze, Guy Gardner, Tomar Re, Star Sapphire, Saint Walker, Manhunters, and of course the Guardians, so you see there's something for Green Lantern fans of every vintage. It wasn't clear to me at the beginning why a Red Lantern named Razor was on board the ship with Hal Jordan and Kilowog, but the pieces fell into place so nicely as events unfolded. Razor had a near-romance with Aya the articial-intelligence-in-female-form but, when he spurned her Aya went rogue and took it as her mission to destroy all emotion in the universe.

Aya knocked the head off the Anti-Monitor (ouch!) and she took up residence in the spot where that head had been, using the Anti-Monitor's body as a host as she devours the life force of entire planets and stars while standing in a posture that screams out Galactus to me. But, now get this, the Anti-Monitor is still alive, having transferred all his life essence into his disembodied head and he is regaining strength so he can go up against Aya again. But Aya wants to hijack the Anti-Monitor's time travel capabilities so she can go back to the dawn of time and prevent mankind from ever having existed. Oh man! I have no idea what the seven-year-olds think of this show but I am gobbling it up whole!

I think the conclusion to this year-long story is coming this weekend so you might want to tune in!


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