Friday, August 02, 2019

Batman Antenna Topper 2019

It happened again! One day there was a Batman antenna topper atop my car's radio antenna and then the next day it was gone. Did it fall off? Was it stolen? Did it evaporate? We would have to check the security footage to know for sure, and unfortunately there isn't any.

I've gone through this cycle so many times before! Here is a blog article from 2012 in which I told you about my then-new Bat-topper that is by this time long gone. The top row of this image search shows you three or four of the Bat-toppers that I have proudly displayed through the years.

And now (drum-roll please) it's time for my Next-Generation Batman Antenna Topper! Up above I show it to you in its packaging as I received it from Asia after ordering it on ebay recently, and down below is what the Bat-topper looks like now that it's been mounted on my car antenna. Nice, right?

But the big question is: how long will this one last?

Nobody knows, but I will definitely keep you updated!


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