Thursday, May 30, 2019

Basil Wolverton's Lost Plop! Cover

I can't say for certain who lost it but I'm definitely glad I stumbled across it as I was wandering around the internet one day!

By the way, you can sometimes learn interesting tidbits on that thar internet that you never knew before! I found out on Wikipedia that DC Comics did not at first hire Basil Wolverton to draw Plop! covers at first. No! It turns out that the gentleman had drawn a group of those drawings years earlier and had never gotten them published anywhere so he showed them to somebody at DC who said yes, we can use those. (After that founding crop of drawings was exhausted then DC did go ahead and hire the gentleman to continue the series with some new ones, luring Mr. Wolverton out of retirement to do so; however the above drawing was never printed as any Plop cover.) 

And here's your hayfamzone Bonus for the day: if you hurry right over to your Local Comic Book Store and purchase the latest issue of Mad Magazine, you'll open it up to find bound on the inside a facsimile copy of  Plop! #1 on much better paper than the original 1973 version of that comic was printed on! (But the Plop! facsimile is NOT included in newsstand copies of Mad #7.)


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