Friday, July 19, 2019

What, Me Bisque?

Probably everybody was saddened by the news last week that Mad Magazine is being cancelled. To try to cheer you up I'm here to tell something in the Mad orbit that most collectors never knew.

There was a bust of Alfred E. Neuman available by mail order from those usual idiots at Mad! Two different sizes, even!

The price was a quite-reasonable $1 (small) or $2 (medium). Sorry, no large. Down below you can see the house ad and order form as printed on the inside back cover of 1960's Mad #54.

Every so often, one of these statues will pop up on ebay (however for a little bit more than $1 or $2 these days) and you might like to try getting one. It may be me bidding against you though because I've never owned one of these but would like to!


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