Thursday, June 06, 2019

Comic Book Spinner Rack, the Latest Rage!

Comic book spinner racks were vertical rotating displays for comic books that were prevalent in retail stores that sold comic books in the 1960s through 1980s (or maybe even 1990s). I was very pleased to tell you and show you back here a few years back about my own personal spinner.


But recently there has been a new development! Over on twitter there is a new player known as The Spinner Rack @RackSpinner and it's very fun! Each of their posts is a montage of covers of comic books that all went on sale on a certain single day in history.

The six DC Comics up at the top went on sale on 6/6/1985 and the six Marvel Comics below went on sale on 6/2/1981. It seems that Spinner Rack never intersperses DC and Marvel covers in the same montage but I think I'd like it even a little better if they did that.


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