Monday, May 23, 2016

Creeps, the New Creepy?

Creepy was a fun treat in the 1960s! A decade-later resurrection of the EC Comics of the 1950s, the magazine featuring black-and-white comics by many of the EC artists burst onto the scene from Warren Publishing in 1964. Much of the writing in the early issues was by Archie Goodwin and most of the lettering was by Ben Oda. There were ups and downs creatively for almost 20 years and then, in 1983, Creepy gasped its last.

But wait! I was inspecting the newsstand last month to see if anything new was up in terms of comics and I was intrigued to see a magazine entitled The Creeps. A "Warrant" Magazine, it features stories by "Artie Godwin" as well as others by actual Warren alumni like Nicola Cuti and Don Glut.

I never heard of any of the artists in The Creeps but it's all in good fun and any reader who enjoyed Creepy will probably want to investigate.


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