Saturday, March 12, 2016

Take Me to my Cave!

That's a bearded Bruce Wayne up above telling (the unseen) Alfred the Butler to "Take me to my cave!"

For about a year now the current DC Comics have had Batman out of costume (and Superman also, for that matter). Heads should probably roll in the DC editorial offices because whichever honcho ordained that the public wanted a non-Batman and a non-Superman for a year could not possibly have been more off-base! Put two of the most internationally recognizable icons in mothballs? Seriously?

Anyway, the long wait is over, and Bruce Wayne will once again be donning his costume in next month's Batman #49. The one panel shown above and the great line in that word balloon almost make up for the many months I've been subsisting with non-Batman.

"Take Me to my Cave" indeed!

artist Greg Capullo's goatee = Bruce Wayne's goatee? 


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