Friday, February 12, 2016

Jim Aparo and The Adventurers' Club

There were just two installments of  The Adventurers' Club! Written by Jonah Hex creator John Albano and drawn by Jim Aparo at the height of the artist's prowess (back when the gentleman was working at his preferred pace of penciling and inking and lettering one page per day), this micro-series ran in DC editor Joe Orlando's very experimental Adventure Comics of 1972. Just look at the robustness of the above splash page! I remember liking very much the two Adventurers' Club installments when they came out.

That strip came to my mind when I read a recent newspaper article that discussed a rumor that a 1951 Explorers Club meeting served long-extinct mammoth meat (!) for dinner. I do hope that Jim Aparo got to taste that mammoth meat!


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