Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Mad Max's Brendan McCarthy

I watched Mad Max: Fury Road yesterday and thought it was fabulous! I saw The Road Warrior when it came out in 1981 and liked it but I can't imagine it was as excellent as this follow-up. No film in recent memory has had color this beautiful and oh, those crazy cars! I wait for the credits after a movie that impresses me and I was amazed to see Brendan McCarthy listed as a co-writer with director George Miller.

Mr. McCarthy's name will ring a bell since he was involved with the 1990s revamp of Steve Ditko's Shade, The Changing Man. I have been enjoying the gentleman's artwork since before that and I fondly recall his work in Strange Days from Eclipse Comics in the mid 1980s.

So taken was I with the fresh and bright style that I recommended Strange Days to my readers. I even drew Mr. McCarthy's Paradax character as part of my strip published in 1985's Comics Buyer's Guide #601:

You can read more about Mr. McCarthy's involvement with Mad Max over here and here, and I'm pleased to read that a sequel to Fury Road has already been announced!


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