Friday, August 21, 2015

Photo With Neal (Your Camera) $30.00 Each

The annual WizardWorld convention is in Chicago this weekend and the in-attendance Neal Adams tweeted out the above photo of a commission-in-progress to drum up more business. The artwork seems nice enough but something else in the photo struck me as far more interesting.

Neal Adams charges fans $30 to take their picture with him?

Maybe you'll recall back here when I told how, in 1994 at this same convention held in this same convention center, Harlan Ellison (to this day my favorite living writer) agreed to pose for a wonderful photo that I took. True, we had waited in line for quite a while, but the charge for taking that picture was $0.00.

Now I believe in capitalism and I'm all in favor of somebody selling something for whatever price they care to. But I do wonder how many fans are taking Neal Adams up on his offer.


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