Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The Eastland Disaster by Rick Tuma

Rick Tuma has been on staff drawing for The Chicago Tribune for over thirty years. Most of his work consists of spot illustrations portraying anything from soup to nuts, whatever an editor needs to accompany a story. But he started out in 1983 drawing the Doonesbury-like daily three-panel strip about Chicago politics entitled Clout Street and now the gentleman has turned in a stunning retelling in comics form of an historical disaster.

One hundred years ago this month, a maritime tragedy occurred within the city limits of Chicago. A huge steamship named The Eastland overturned in the Chicago River just steps away from the streets of downtown. 844 people drowned.

Mr. Tuma has done an excellent job of presenting this sad story to a new generation and you can view the gentleman's efforts for yourself right over here (you may be asked to register to gain access but it's legit and worth the minute of typing).


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